VW Passat repair

- 1. Ekspluatatsiiya of the car
   1.1. General information
   1.2. System of the central blocking of locks
   1.3. Trunk lid or back door
   1.4. Doors
   1.5. Window regulators
   1.6. Rear-view mirrors
   1.7. Seat belts
   1.8. Head restraints
   1.9. Forward seats
   1.10. Back seats
   1.11. Loading of a luggage compartment
   1.12. Parking brake
   1.13. Electronic blocking of differential
   1.14. Mechanical transmission
   1.15. Automatic transmission
   1.16. Adjustment of a steering column
   1.17. Ignition lock
   1.18. Engine start-up
   1.19. Combination of devices
   1.20. Information display
   1.21. Switches and additional control lamps
   1.22. Switch of light of headlights and turn indexes
   1.23. System of automatic maintenance of constant speed of movement of the car
   1.24. Switch of cleaners and washers of wind and back glasses
   1.25. Heating and ventilation system
   1.26. Climatronic air central air
   1.27. Hatch
   1.28. Plafonds of illumination of salon
   1.29. Lighter and ashtrays
   1.30. Top luggage carrier
   1.31. System of stabilization of provision of a body
   1.32. Tires
   1.33. Fuelling
   1.34. Body cowl
   1.35. Engine oil
   1.36. Transmission oil and liquid for an automatic transmission
   1.37. Hydraulic booster of a steering
   1.38. System of cooling of the engine
   1.39. Brake system
   1.40. Cleaner and windscreen washer
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Power supply system
+ 6. Ignition system
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Drive of forward wheels
+ 10. Suspension brackets
+ 11. Steering
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. Wheels and tires
+ 14. Systems of heating, ventilation and conditioning
+ 15. Electric equipment
+ 16. Body
+ 17. Electric circuits


Repair B3-B4/Passat B3-B4 Volkswagen Passat>> Ekspluatatsiiya of the car>> General information
Volkswagen Passat cars of the third and fourth generation of 1988-1996 of release have an all-metal bearing body of type a sedan and of D belong to the class. Except a four-door sedan the five-door versatile person of Variant enters into a model range. On cars depending on updating petrol or diesel engines in capacity from 54 (75 h.p.) to 130 kW (174 h.p.) both four - and five-step mechanical transmissions are established.
Configuration of cars the front-wheel. In September, 1989 the model range added all-wheel drive Syncro option with the transmission equipped viskomufty.
The steering with tooth reechny gearing can be equipped with the hydraulic amplifier.
Forward suspension bracket independent. A back suspension bracket semi-independent with racks and longitudinal levers. The part of the Variant models is equipped with system of stabilization of provision of a body.
Brake system the double-circuit hydraulic. On cars with engines in capacity less than 79 kW (107 h.p.) are applied to forward wheels disk brake mechanisms, for back — drum-type. On cars with more powerful engines on forward wheels disk ventilated brake mechanisms, on the back — disk are established.
Cars are equipped with the various additional equipment into which enter system of the central blocking of locks, electric window regulators and the hatch with the electric drive. More expensive complete sets include safety cushions, natyazhitel of seat belts, ABS systems and conditioning. On rice 1.1 the dashboard is shown from the driver. Three keys enter into a complete set (fig. 1.2) : two main 1 with which all locks, and auxiliary 2 which locks of doors open open, the stopper of a bulk mouth of a fuel tank and joins ignition.

Fig. 1.2. The keys attached to the car:
1–the main; 2–the auxiliary; 3–label

Fig. 1.1. Dashboard: 1–handle of adjustment of provision of a rear-view mirror; 2–control lamps of indexes of turn of the trailer and anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS); 3–switch of dimensional light and light of headlights; 4–lateral воздуходув heating and ventilation systems; 5–the handle of draft of an air zaslonka (the carburetor engine) or a regulator of frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft idling (for increase in frequency at start-up of the cold diesel engine); 6–switch of indexes of turn and light of headlights; 7–switch of the alarm light system; 8–combination of devices; 9–the switch of a cleaner and a windscreen washer with the button of switching of the multiinformation display; 10-ignition lock; 11-central воздуходув heating and ventilation systems; 12-radio receiver or radio tape recorder; 13-from left to right: switch of management of electric window regulators of back doors, switch of heaters of seats, switch of a heater of back glass, switch of antifog light of headlights; 14-control panel heating and ventilation system; 15-ware box; 16-control panel electric window regulators; 17-handle of a drive of the lock of a cowl; 18-assembly block of safety locks and relay; 19-the handle of adjustment of provision of a steering column on height; 20-button of a sound signal; 21-gear shifting lever (a mechanical transmission) or selector of a choice of transfers (an automatic transmission); 22-lever of the parking brake; 23-ashtray; 24-lighter

On the plastic label 3 attached to keys, identification number on which it is possible to make a new set of keys in case of them утери therefore store one key together with a label in a reliable place is put.